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HiveTool™ is a collection of readily available, off-the-shelf hardware and free, open source software that continuously monitors a beehive. Computerized hive monitors provide real time and historic data and graphs of weight, internal and ambient temperature, humidity and light levels which give the beekeeper a noninvasive view into the hive. HiveTool won the 2015 Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award.

Knowing what is happening in the hive is crucial to proper hive management. By knowing the beginning, end, and quantity of nectar flows, bee keepers can determine when to add and remove supers, when to move hives and where to locate hives to maximize honey production. By knowing the amount of young bees engaged in playflight, it is possible to calculate the strength of the hive and egg laying ability of the queen.

  • Real-time data for hive management
  • Historic data for research

Current Year




Growing Degree Day

Plants grow in a cumulative stepwise manner which is strongly influenced by ambient temperature. Growing Degree Days (GDD), also called Growing Degree Units (GDU) or Heat Units (HU), are based on the observation that within limits, plants grow faster when warm and more slowly when cold. Below a base temperature (Tbase), the plant is dormant and little growth occurs. Since growth depends on the accumulation of specific quantities of heat, by accumulating Growing Degree Days it is possible to predict when events such as bud break (nectar flows) will occur during a growing season regardless of differences in temperatures from year to year. Read more ...

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